3 Amazing Facts About Dry Eye

Unlike other parts of your outer body, your eyes have to be wet. Your eyes water to stay moist and keep their living cells alive. If you do not tear up properly, or your tears evaporate too fast, dry eye occurs...

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1. Glands Gone Wrong

The dry eye syndrome comes about because of dysfunctional glands. Your eyes have a pocketful of glands, working constantly to produce tears of right consistency so they do not dry up too quickly.

2. Bad Diet, Smoking, Too Many Hours on the Computer, Etc.

Sometimes, dry eye is a result of your lifestyle. Apart from your age and gender (factors that show when dry eye is more common), you may suffer from this eye problem if you eat unhealthy food, smoke cigarettes, and expose and strain your eyes by looking at a computer screen for long periods of time.

3. Cosmetic Treatments May Lead to Dry Eyes

Dry eye can be also associated with cosmetic surgery. If have cosmetic surgery and your eyelids were opened too widely, too long, this condition can begin there.