6 Top Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers

If you regularly take flights, whether for business or leisure purposes, picking up an airline credit card can be great for saving lots of money along the way. Still, the perks on offer, such as free flights and seat upgrades, can differ from card to card – which is why it’s worth looking closely into the available airline credit cards to judge which would be best for you. Here are the top credit cards for frequent flyers.


Virgin Atlantic – Black Credit Card Account

Within 90 days of opening your account with this card, you only need to make one purchase to earn 18,500 miles. You can then earn two miles for every £1 you spend using an American Express Credit Card from MBNA and one mile per £1 you spend with the Visa Card. You should, however, be warned that you can’t transfer the balance from a separate MBNA card that you already own.

Best Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers UK  

American Express – British Airways Premium Plus

Though British Airways is not a major US carrier, this airline credit card remains worth considering for frequent flyers, as it offers a huge 18,000 bonus Avios if you spend £3,000 on the card within the first three months. Also, if you want to take the trip of a lifetime, you can spend at least £10,000 in a calendar year in order to land yourself a money-saving Companion Voucher.

  Best Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers UK  

MBNA – Emirates Skywards Elite Credit Card Account

Statistically, this card also fares well for reward per spend. For example, making a card purchase less than 90 days after opening your account can land you 10,000 bonus Skywards Miles. You can quickly add to those miles with further spending, including two miles per £1 spent with the American Express card and two miles for each £2 spent using the Visa card.

  Best Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers UK  

Lloyds Bank – Premier Avios Rewards Credit Card Account

This card might be your best choice if you are an avid corporate flyer, as you can upgrade to a Business Class should you spend £5,000 per year. You can also benefit from the absence of foreign transaction fees on expenditure abroad, and save further money with a companion ticket that you are entitled to should you spend £12,000 within the year.

  Best Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers UK  

British Airways American Express Credit Card

There’s no annual fee attached to this card – and, after spending just £500 within the initial three months of signing up, 3,000 bonus Avios are yours. That’s certainly not a bad start – and you can quickly amass many more Avios through picking up one for virtually every £1 of expenditure. Furthermore, you can apply for this card even if you’ve already got a different American Express card.

  Best Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers UK  

TSB – Premier Avios Credit Card

If you’re preparing to spend a huge amount of time travelling this year, you should definitely seriously consider this card. That’s because, through £15,000 of eligible spending within a year, you can get a Companion Ticket which can help you and a friend to save much money on flights, should the two of you intend to often travel together.

Best Credit Cards For Frequent Flyers UK