Compare SIM Only

Use the table below to compare the latest SIM Only contract deals from all major UK providers. When you find the right package for you click on the “apply online” button to sign up. If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone and get help comparing the many different contracts available Call Us Now on 0800 011 9633. We’ve partnered with Save On Digital to help you find the right SIM Only deal.


The Pro’s and Con’s of SIM Only

  • What is SIM Only?

    As the name suggests, SIM only deals involve the mobile network providing you with a SIM. You need to provide your own phone or buy one from them. You then pay for the minutes, texts and data you want, either on a pay as you go basis or via a monthly contract.

  • Pay Monthly Contracts

    You undergo a credit check

    If approved you pay monthly for a contract

    12 or 24-month contracts are available

    Dozens of different packages will be available with different amounts of free minutes, texts and data

  • Pay As You Go

    No credit check required

    No contract

    You “top up” your cash balance on the phone when required

    You pay for the minutes, texts and data you use as you use them

    There is no fixed term

  • Benefits of SIM only

    They are much much cheaper!

    Easier to pass a credit check

    Sometimes no credit check at all!

    You keep your current phone

    Pay As You Go means you have no commitment

    Monthly contracts tie you in for as little as 1 month

  • Should You Switch?

    One of the things that frustrates us most here at is when people come to the end of their 12 or 24-month phone contract (a contract that included a free phone) and don’t renegotiate or switch to a SIM only contract. The cost of the “free” phone is tied into the monthly payments which means when the contract comes to an end the phone is paid for and you no longer need to pay the same amount each month. It’s estimated that £355m a year is wasted in the UK as a result of mobile phone users not switching to SIM only or renegotiating their contract at the end of the initial period.

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