The Best New Laptops In The World

A few years ago, everyone was declaring the death of the laptop computer thanks to the power and popularity of tablets such as the iPad. Well laptops have not only survived but they have thrived with the popularity of new device categories such as "2-in-1's" (laptop and tablet combined) and ultrabooks (super light and super thin). To help you in your quest to find the best option for you we've pulled together a handy list of the best new laptops for sale in the UK.


Samsung Chromebook


Samsung announced 2 new Chromebook's (Plus and Pro) both priced at around £400. While Chromebooks haven't proved to be particularly popular yet 2017 looks like the year they finally take a significant market share with their new found ability to run Android apps. The new laptops look distinctly MacBook-esque and offer a stylus, convertible hinge and touch screen. They come with 4GB of RAM and a 12.5 inch QHD display.


ASUS Chromebook

asus chromebook

Not to be outdone by Samsung, ASUS announced the launch of 3 variants of its Chromebook with a similar price point and higher specifications. ASUS's first generation Chromebooks were small, portable and low cost and while these new units aim for the same market they have seriously upped the specifications of the units. The new Chromebooks are powered by Core M3/M7 processors & have a full HD screen measuring a healthy 12.5 inches with full 360-degree rotation. The Chromebook will come in 4GB/8GB Ram with 32, 64 or 128GB of storage all for a price of around £400.

DELL XPS 13 2-in-1


The DELL XPS was released in 2016 and proved to be an excellent laptop, winning awards and selling very well. Dell has now released a "2-in-1" version of the laptop with the same display seen on the original XPS 13, known as the "Infinity Edge". This display is almost bezel free which makes it look a lot smaller than other laptops with 13 inch screens. The laptop/tablet combo device will offer a Full HD display or the higher spec Quad HD+ display and will be specced up with the Intel i7 processor with 16GB of memory and 1TB of SSD storage.

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ACER Swift 7 

Acer Swift 7

Acer have announced the launch of the record breaking Swift 7, the first laptop to squeeze in at under 1cm. Windows 10 and Intel’s brand new 7th Gen Core i5 processor power the incredibly thin laptop while Acer promise a 9 hour battery life thanks to the more efficient processor and chips inside.

The display offers 13.3" of pure HD with 8GB of Ram and 256GB of SSD storage. The laptop is fan-less making it very quiet while the aluminium unibody looks fantastic, even in gold. The Swift feels comfortable and solid yet weighs only 1.1kg. It offers a headphone jack, 2 USB ports, a comfortable keyboard to type on and quite possible the widest touchpad we’ve ever seen.


Lenovo Yoga 910 

lenovo yago 910

In another claim to be the “world’s thinnest laptop” the Lenovo Yoga 910 debuted recently. The Lenovo Yoga is incredibly thin coming in at 0.56" when the lid is closed.

The main selling point of this laptop is that they’ve managed to squeeze in a 13.9" screen into the same physical dimensions of a 13.3" laptop. This allows a 10% larger screen and supports a 4K ultra high definition display.

Lenovo promise a battery life of over 15 hours or over 10 hours when using the 4K display. Both seriously impressive numbers. The Yoga 910 is powered by Intel's 7th generation Intel Core series processor and is available with up to 16GB of memory and 1TB SSD storage. The Yoga also offers a wide selection of ports including a 4 in 1 SD card and USB-C and USB ports.

The laptop weighs a measly 1.38KG and is available in Gold, Silver or Gunmetal.


Asus Zenbook 3 


The Asus Zenbook 3 is known as the Macbook-killer and for many very good reasons. Critics may say it imitates the look of the Macbook but it completely destroys it in terms of specification and price.

At only 90 grams and 11.9 millimeters thick it's smaller than the newest Macbook, Asus claim the Zenbook has made no sacrifices in terms of performance and utility. The base model boasts the latest i5 processor from Intel, 4GB of memory and a 256GB SSD drive for £699/$999 while the “all singing-all dancing” model upgrades the processor to the Core i7 from Intel with 16GB of memory and a larger 1TB SSD drive. There is also a fingerprint scanner in the touchpad, all for £1375/$1,999.

The Full HD, 12.5" screen comes with 4th generation Gorilla Glass for extra strength and Asus says to you should get 9 hours of battery power.


Acer Spin 7 


The Acer Spin 7 tops a range that includes the lower spec Spin 5, 3 and 1. The “2 in 1” notebook is designed to offer users the best of both worlds – a laptop and tablet combined and the Spin 7 finally delivers.

It comes in at 10.98mm thick and weighs a measly 1.2KG meaning it's smaller than a 12-inch Apple Macbook. A 14-inch touch screen is secured with Gorilla Glass while the hybrid also features a large glass touchpad and type-C USB ports.

The Acer Spin 7 comes with;

  • Intel processor - Core i7
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD Drive



Asus Transformer 3 


The "Transformer" is another “2 in 1” laptop that comes in at an incredible 695 grams/6.9mm thick. It achieves this via a detachable keyboard that comes in 4 different colours. The hybrid laptop comes in 2 colours, Gold and Gray (both spun metal finish). The Transformer has a 12.6" display with a 2880x1920 resolution. The Transformer comes with the Core i7 processor from Intel and has memory of up to 8GB and up to 512GB off SSD storage. The hybrid has a fingerprint scanner and a 13MP camera on the back for high-res photos and video.

The higher specification “Pro” version offers a more powerful Core i7 processor with 1TB of=SSD storage and 16GB of memory.