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NOW TV started life back in 2012 as a pay TV service competing with the likes of Netflix. In 2016 they announced they would begin offering broadband, phone and TV packages on a "no contract basis." As a subsidiary of Sky they operate on their network and offer a wide range of broadband, phone and TV packages including basic broadband (17MBPS) and fibre broadband (38MBPS and 76MBPS). Check out their best packages in the table below or call us on 0800 049 9752 to compare NOW TV against the best of the rest.

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About NOW TV Broadband, Phone & TV Deals

NOW TV offers both "no contract" packages and 12-month contracts for its broadband, phone and TV packages. Prices start from £29 per month and the final price depends on whether you want higher speed broadband and which of the many TV packages you choose. Comparing the different packages can be a little confusing.

They offer UK based customer support by email or chat and operate an online community to provide customers with peer to peer support.

NOW TV provides its TV Hub to every new customer. This Hub acts as your WiFi router as well as your TV box is free with comes with no delivery charges. NOW TV does charge connection fee's which range from £22 to £60 depending on the package you choose.

NOW TV promise never to put any limits on your internet access which means you can enjoy unlimited downloads with no restrictions or blocked sites.

Switching to Now TV is seamless, handled by their own customer service staff without any hassle. Customers can switch to NOW TV from any other UK broadband & phone provider.


Can't Find What You Are Looking For?

If NOW TV doesn't have the right sort of package for you then please call us on 0203 745 1659 to discuss other packages that might suit you better, or click on one of the logo's below to see what deals they are currently offering.


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How To Find The Best Deals On Broadband Packages

Broadband, phone and TV packages are one of those monthly bills people just get used to paying and many people pay no attention to what they're paying. As a result consumers in the UK are too loyal to their provider and as a result could be paying hundreds of pounds per year more than they need to. It's estimated that 1/3 of households have been with their existing provider for 3 years or more which means it's likely they could be paying less than what they currently are.

Most package deals for broadband, phone and TV are 12 to 18 months long. At the end of this period, prices will often increase significantly. Its a bit like your mortgage: you get a special rate to encourage you to sign up. The provider then hopes you will stay with them long-term and they make most of their profit from you in later years.

Here are some tips to make sure you are always paying the right amount for your broadband, phone and TV packages.


Check Your Bill

The first thing to do is check your last few bills and understand exactly what you are paying for. Are you still paying the introductory rate or have you reverted to the providers standard pricing? Are you paying for a standard 17MB package or Fibre Optic at much higher download speeds? Do you really need to be paying for Fibre Optic? Fibre Optic is designed for heavy internet users, those who are watching streaming TV services like Netflix or playing XBox/Playstation online. If you just use the internet to browse websites and check your email you probably don't need Fibre Optic and this could mean big savings.


Switch Providers

If you feel you are paying more than you need to then its time to consider switching to a new provider. There are 12 main broadband providers in the UK, some of whom provide Broadband and Phone packages only. Others provide TV services as well. Call us on 0800 049 9752 to find out what packages are currently available and find the right one for you. You can also click on the link below and use our comparison tool to find the best deals.


Haggle With Your Current Provider

If you don't want to switch to a different provider then all is not lost. Broadband, Phone and TV providers are among the easiest companies to negotiate with. They've paid a lot of money to bring you on board as a customer and they do not like to lose you. Call your provider and tell them you want to cut your monthly bills. Tell them the best deal you've found online and ask them if they can match it. While they may not offer you the exact same deal it is possible they will offer to lower your monthly bills to keep you happy. Alternatively, they may offer you some upgrades like a faster internet speed or free calls. Call us on 0800 049 9752 and we'll tell you the best deals currently on offer from your existing provider.