The Best Movie And TV Streaming Services Reviewed

Home entertainment has never been more varied than now. The best online streaming services offer a plethora of entertainment options at affordable prices for everyone.

The days of watching whatever happened to be on television are well and truly over. Even hiring a DVD is so yesterday. With more of us now making the most of on-demand content, a large number of streaming providers are keeping us entertained, as and when we want to watch the latest movies or hit shows. With competition heating up, streaming providers are coming up with unbeatable offerings at prices that even most of us can now afford. With so many providers around, who should you choose? Here are some of the best online streaming services to consider.



As one of the very original streaming providers, Netflix offers viewers a wide range of content, including a series of shows that are exclusive to Netflix only. Although a lot of Netflix films aren't recent releases, it is starting to gain a little more traction in showing films at the same time as their cinema release. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best online streaming services offering the latest blockbuster movies, you might not find a huge choice with Netflix. There are three main monthly subscription options with Netflix to suit how much you want to view.


Amazon Prime Instant Video

As one of the best online streaming services in 2017, Amazon Prime Instant Video gives you access to more than 50,000 films and TV shows, although it tends to focus more on movies rather than TV programmes. There is a simple, monthly membership-based service in place, and you will automatically qualify for this streaming service if you are an Amazon Prime customer. You can also download content to watch offline. The quality of content is good and the user experience across a wide range of devices is considered excellent with Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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Now TV

Owned by Sky TV, subscribing to Now TV is a good option if you don't want the inconvenience of owning a satellite dish or you simply want more choice than a traditional TV package. Now TV is split into various services depending on what you want to watch and how much you want to pay. In addition to sport and films, there is also a service aimed at children. Through its affiliation with Sky, Now TV offers some top-class movies and is constantly adding to its services, making it one of the best online streaming services for 2017.

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TalkTalk TV Store

TalkTalk TV Store is a movie and TV rental and purchase service rather than a subscription-based outfit. It previously went by the name of Blinkbox. Because you pay per film, prices can vary depending on whether the film is a new release or an older title. The TalkTalk TV Store offers a wide choice of viewing options on a good range of devices, and it suits those who don't want to be tied down to a subscription service. With TalkTalk at the helm of this service, you may also benefit from a wide range of other TalkTalk services and incentives, proving this to be one of the most impressive online streaming services this year.

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The standout feature of MUBI is that this online streaming service offers a selection of films, such as cult classics, that may not be available from other streaming providers. MUBI is a subscription-based service where you pay a monthly charge, but there is only a single fee structure, so you pay one price and can then watch as much as you want. Suitable for a wide range of devices, MUBI is a good choice if you are looking for movie content that is of a niche variety rather than mainstream. You can also download films to your device for offline viewing for a period of seven days.


Google Play

With access to more than 2,000 films, you can rent or purchase standard or high-definition films for use mainly on Android devices. With a simple digital store to browse, you can enjoy watching films for 30 days. Many people prefer using Google Play for online streaming as they like having the confidence of using a big, reputable brand name, especially if they already own an Android device. Lots of films are available with a 5.1 surround sound, which is pretty generous compared to some other services, and offline viewing is also a possibility.

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Apple aficionados might want to choose the iTunes streaming services, where you can select a wide range of standard definition and high-definition content. As a well-established service, the huge variety on offer is undeniable, with a choice of more than 45,000 films and over 190,000 TV shows to select from. You can choose whether to rent or buy content in a simple process, with films or shows suitable for playing through Apple devices or on a computer. Once considered one of the more expensive streaming services, Apple now appears to offer prices that are in line with most others providers.

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