Top Online Bank Accounts Reviewed

Online banking is not only very, very convenient, but can also be a good way to get a better bank account. Online only banks and bank accounts generally have less overheads to pay, meaning they can offer their customers better terms. For example, you might find that an online bank account has a better interest rate or overdraft rate. An online bank account can be accessed at any time with no waiting in queues, making managing your finances very easy indeed.

Most accounts will allow you to take care of everyday transactions like bill paying, money transfers, and standing orders or direct debits. It does however mean you need a certain level of computer literacy, as logging in online replaces face-to-face customer service in a branch. At the moment, many current accounts are offering better interest rates than savings accounts – so if you plan to save rather than spend, it's definitely worth looking at both types to check all your online only bank account options.

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Online Only Accounts


First Direct 1st Account

The First Direct "1st Account" allows for £250 of interest-free overdraft, and comes with a ‘satisfaction guarantee' – if you don't like the account, the bank will give you £100 (though you need to have deposited £1,000 every month for 6 months beforehand). The bank will also give you £100 for joining, though you have to have deposited £1,000 in the account within 3 months of the open date. First Direct also offers ‘text message banking' which allows you to receive a mini statement by phone, know when you reach your overdraft, and other information as well.


M&S Bank Current Account

This online only bank account has no monthly fee and an interest-free overdraft of £100. They offer a gift card with up to £170 for everyone who switches to them. This is based on a £50 up front gift card which is topped up by an additional £5 each month as long as you deposit at least £1,000 a month and maintain 2 active direct debits. You also have access to the M&S Monthly Saver product which offers a 5% AED/gross fixed interest rate. In addition you will earn 1 point for every £1 spend on your M&S Debit Card in store via the M&S Loyalty Scheme.


Santander eSaver Account

This online-only account pays a very low interest rate of 0.15% AER, but it does offer unlimited deposits and withdrawals. So if you think you'll need to access your money frequently rather than just leaving it in the account, this could work. There's also no monthly fee. Interest is calculated daily and can be paid either monthly or annually. Both online and mobile banking services can be used with this account.


Card One Banking Guaranteed Acceptance Bank Account

This card doesn't need credit checks in the application process, and guarantees to accept you as an account holder. It comes with a prepaid debit card and the account can be used to pay bills and receive payments. When your salary is received into the account, the funds are used to pay for bills, then the remainder can be transferred onto the card. This can be good if you are one of the approximately one million people in the UK who aren't eligible for a ‘normal' bank account. While perks are very limited, having this kind of online-only bank account and managing it well can help build a good credit history, making it more likely you will be accepted for other financial products in the future. Though the account is online, cash and cheques can be paid in through branches of NatWest.


Online Accounts From High Street Banks


Nationwide FlexDirect

This current account offers an interest rate of 5% on balances up to £2,500, and has a 0% overdraft for the first year. If you will have a balance of less than £2,500, and if you plan to go into your overdraft every now and then, this offers good value. It does however require a monthly injection of £1,000, and after one year the interest rate drops to 1%. At that point, it would make sense to look for a new bank account that offers a better interest rate. Though this account offers online banking, it is not a bank account that operates only online, so you can benefit from being able to visit branches too.


Santander 123 Current Account

This account is not online-only, but offers a competitive interest rate (1.5% on balances up to £20,000) with the benefits of a current account. The overdraft rate is 0% for the first 4 months if you're an account switcher, and there's monthly cashback offers for household bills. There is a £5 monthly fee however, and at least £500 must be paid in each month. If you will have large amounts coming in, and you don't want to move sums of that money to a higher interest savings account, then the more generous interest rate on this current account could work for you.


The Co-Op Bank Standard Account

This current account offers customers £110 for switching to them. In addition you can earn up to an extra £5.50 per month with its Everyday Rewards program. The minimum monthly pay in is £800 and the account pays no interest. There is also the downside of a £10 per month charge for an un-arranged overdraft (after a £20 free buffer) with an 18.9% interest charge on top. Avoid this account if you're likely to slip into overdraft every do often.