Best Digital Hearing Aids Reviewed

Battling hearing loss? These are the best digital hearing aids available to restore sound and quality to your life.

Struggling to hear soft sounds can dramatically impact on your social life and make day to day life more difficult. You may even find driving more dangerous with a hearing impairment. Modern hearing aids won’t give you back perfect hearing, but they will significantly improve the clarity of those difficult to hear sounds, and they can even integrate with your smartphone or stream audio direct to your device. The difference you’ll notice won’t just be in the sounds you hear, but in your whole attitude to life - you’ll regain your confidence, hearing sounds as naturally as possible. Here’s our pick of the best digital hearing aids available today.

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Best for all round sound: ReSound Linx 2 9

Quite simply, for its range of features and sizings to suit all hearing loss needs, this is the best digital receiver available, and the best in class for hearing technology that takes sound to a new level. From tiny in-canal aids to super powered-behind-the-ear styles, the Resound Linx 2 9 offers superb clarity of sound. iPhone compatibility means you can control all the features of your hearing aid direct from your smartphone. This bills itself as the ‘world’s smartest MFI (made for iPhone) aid and it’s easy to see why. With 17 Warp channels to precisely mimic the working of the cochlea, strong noise reduction and a range of smart listening environments, the Resound Linx 2 9 adapts perfectly to your needs.

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Best for profound hearing loss: ReSound Enzo 2 9

The Enzo 2 9 brings smart sound technology to those suffering with profound hearing loss. Experience smart sound for the clearest and most vibrant sound available and control it all from your smartphone. Because the Enzo 2 9 gives you clear and direct access to sound, wherever it’s coming from, you can engage with the world around you again, hearing it just the way you want to. The Enzo 2 9 also features unique Spatial Sense technology, allowing you to focus on the sounds you want to hear and detect where sound is coming from. If you feel you’ve lost a part of your life through profound hearing loss, the Enzo 2 9 range offers the best digital hearing aids to restore confidence and communication.

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Best for music and TV: Phonak V90

According to the NHS, over 4 million people in the UK struggle with hearing loss without using a digital hearing aid. The Phonak V90 is an incredibly easy to use device with artificial intelligence built in to help with challenging environments. Thanks to AutoSense, your Phonak V90 will automatically adjust to your listening environment, making speech clearer and background noise unobtrusive. No more fiddling with your settings in a noisy pub or restaurant. If you enjoy music, no hearing aid is better rated, and with the Phonak TV Link, your V90 can stream TV direct to your aid.

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Best for complete discretion: Phonak Lyric

There are a number of reasons people don’t like wearing even the best digital hearing aids (http: With the Phonak Lyric, no one will ever know you’re using a hearing aid. This incredible little device is the first 100% invisible hearing aid and can be worn 24/7 - Phonak even market it as ‘the contact lens for your ear’. The Lyric is micro-engineered to fit inside the ear canal, as close to the ear drum as possible, and it stays there for months, until a new device is required. This little miracle is the perfect answer if you’re looking for the ultimate in discretion.

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Best for wind noise reduction: Widex Unique 440

The Danish have long had a reputation for advanced hearing aid technology (http: and the Widex Unique 440 carries on the tradition. Featuring 15 sound channels, and ‘Sound Class Technology’ to automatically adjust to your sound environment, the Widex Unique 440 maximises your ability to hear speech clearly. The ‘High Frequency Boost’ gives additional clarity when needed. Widex are market leaders in wind noise reduction, and this is where this clever device really shines, cutting wind noise no matter what direction it’s coming from - even head on.

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Best for smartphone integration: Starkey Halo

The Halo was the first MFI digital hearing aid. The original in-canal style receiver has now been joined by a behind the ear unit. The Halo TruLink hearing control app allows you total control of your digital hearing aid from your Apple or Android device, and with direct smartphone integration, you’ll enjoy enhanced communication, plus the ability to stream your favourite music and radio direct to your receiver. The Halo is reliable and hassle free, and its Hydra-Shield nano coating even makes it water repellent.

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Best for wireless connectivity: Starkey Z series

Starkey’s Z series digital hearing aids offer full wireless connectivity thanks to BluWare and 900 Synch technology. If you’re a gadget freak or a sports fan, you’ll love the consistent wireless performance of this device in noisy restaurants, wild parties or raucous sporting events, when you pair your Z series with Starkey’s SurfLink Mobile 2 handset. Feedback cancellation and sound compression technology lead to a comfortable, whistle free listening experience. Starkey are at the forefront of bringing wireless connectivity to your hearing aid, so if streaming is important to you, these are the best digital hearing aids available.

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Best for tinnitus: Starkey Muse

As many as 1 in 10 people suffer from tinnitus, an annoying and persistent ringing and buzzing in the ears. Several manufacturers have experimented with tinnitus therapy devices, like the Windex Zen, that function like a soothing spa for the ears. The Starkey Muse utilises tinnitus sound management technology in its latest Muse range of digital hearing aids, to bring tinnitus relief. Users of Starkey MFI phones can use the Relax app with their digital hearing aid to listen to a range of 12 unique relief sounds to help you manage your tinnitus more effectively.

  Starkey Muse

Best for the fashion conscious: Widex Unique Fashion

Sleek and stylish, and available in a huge range of colours from chic summer gold to shocking pink, this behind the ear model mimics the styling of wearable technology. It doesn’t sacrifice performance for good looks, though, It combines all of Widex’s technological know-how with power saving features, for a thoroughly contemporary twist on the digital hearing aid that will keep you looking stylish and hearing beautifully.

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