Most Popular Star Wars Toys For All Ages

Star Wars toys have been popular since I was a kid in the 80's but over the past 2 years their popularity has grown to new heights with the success of cartoons like "Rebels" and "The Clone Wars," the cinema hit "The Force Awakens" and most recently the standalone prequel "Rogue One." There are literally thousands of Star Wars toys available in stores these days but to make your life a little easier we've pulled together a list of the most popular toys by age group.

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For Younger Kids: 3-5 years

Mr Potato Head Spud Trooper

Mr Potato Head toys are enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to their association with Star Wars. The Spudtrooper is based on the iconic Imperial Stormtroopers and comes with 8 different costume pieces including the Storm Troopers helmet, body armour, regulation boots and blaster. Classic pieces including ears, eyes, nose and mouth are also included. This 8-inch tall toy is suitable for 2 years and above.


Playskool Heroes Galactic Heroes Star Wars AT-AT

Playskool makes a range of more "cartoony" spaceships and figurines under their Galactic Heroes range that are suitable for younger kids. Probably the best one of all is the At-At Walker (or Robot Doggy as my kids call it). These toys are designed for smaller hands and have fewer small pieces to lose. It has realistic battle sounds and flashing lights. The AT-AT's legs are poseable and can be popped off when it's destroyed by Luke Skywalker and his rebels. The set comes with an Imperial Pilot figurine that fits in the cockpit. Recommended ages from 3 and up. Be warned there is a huge range of Star Wars ships and figurines, all as awesome as this, so this might become an expensive hobby for you! They're also a slightly older toy so it's becoming more and more difficult to find them. Expect to pay around £70 if you can get your hands on one.


Star Wars The Force Awakens Remote Control BB-8

BB-8 is the super cute Astromech Droid from "The Force Awakens" and is available as a remote control toy suitable for all ages. Its spherical shape allows it to roll in any direction and your little ones will love chasing it around the house as you control its movements with a simple 2 button remote control. As they get older they'll be able to take control of the droid themselves and play out their favourite Star Wars adventures. This BB-8 toy looks just like the real thing and makes expressive beeps and other droid noises while it moves.


Star Wars AT-AT Attack with Can-Heads

In this fun Play-Doh set, our hero Luke Skywalker battles Darth Vader and one of his Stormtroopers. The best thing about this set is the famous AT-AT from the movie "The Empire Strikes Back." Kids can create their own battle by building spaceships, defensive cannons and other models with the moulds built into the sides of the AT-AT. The AT-AT even shoots out laser beams, made from Play-Doh of course! This great playset comes with 3 pots based on the characters and filled with different Play-Doh colours. It is suitable for kids ages 2 and above.

  at-at playdoh

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Furbacca

Furby's have been popular with kids for years and now Hasbro has released its first Star Wars themed model: Furbacca! This interactive toy reacts to motion and touch and makes Wookie sounds just like the popular character from the Star Wars saga. It even sings Star Wars theme songs and plays virtual activities. Furbacca comes with a companion app that takes kids into a Star Wars themed digital world via their mobile device as they explore the galaxy and collect virtual Star Wars Furblings.


For Older Kids: 5-8 years

Star Wars - Bladebuilders Jedi Master Set

You're never too young to get your first lightsaber although I wouldn't give this to any kid under 4 years of age for the sake of everything breakable in your house. The Bladebuilders series gives kids the different pieces they need to design over 100 different lightsabers styles. This Jedi Master set features a primary lightsaber. 2 light-daggers and various connectors and hilts. The set is battery powered and features sound effects and lights to make your little Jedi feel like he's in the Star Wars universe. 


LEGO  Imperial Hovertank

From age 7 and up Lego Star Wars really starts to stand out as some of the most popular Star Wars toys. I've tried giving these play sets to younger kids but they take 30 mins to build and about 30 seconds to destroy so I think they are more suitable for older kids. This set is from the new "Rogue One" movie and features a character called Chirrut Imwe battling 2 Storm Troopers and a Tank with a moving gun turret and 2 rocket launchers that actually fire. The tanks cockpit holds 2 figurines and the hidden wheels on the undercarriage make the tank look like it's actually hovering.


Star Wars Hot Wheels Carships Death Star Revolution Race Track Set

If you kid is a fan of Star Wars and Hot Wheels then we've got you covered. This Hot Wheels range reimagines different Star Wars spaceships as race cars and pits them against each other in the Death Star Revolution Race track set. Inspired by the Death Star's destruction in the original movie, the set features the Death Star at the centre of intertwining tracks that allows Carships to simulate fighting spaceships. Kids can launch Carships one at a time into the set using a joystick launcher that makes the cars shoot around the Death Star. If the Carship hits the Death Star at the right time it will explode.


Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens - Poe Dameron's X-Wing

Star Wars are all about collecting toys from the same range to allow your kids to recreate every adventure. One popular range for older kids is the 3 3/4 inch size figurines. These are the same size as the ones we used to collect when we were kids and they're as popular as ever. This starfighter is the X-Wing of Poe Dameron, the hero pilot from the "Force Awakens" movie. His dark-hulled T-70 X-wing comes with accessories and missiles plus a Poe Dameron figure. If you're going to buy this you might want to pair it up with the Tie Fighter below.


First Order Special TIE Fighter from Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens

From the same range as the X-Wing fighter above, this Tie Fighter is the arch nemesis of the X-Wing fighter and they go together like cheese and wine. This specialised 2 seater Tie Fighter is reserved for the very best First Order pilots and comes with better weapons and sensors than standard fighters. This playset includes 2 missiles plus a pilot figurine. 


For Big Kids: 8-80 years

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

This is quite possibly the best Lego Star Wars Playset we've ever seen. Based on the beloved Ewoks village from the "Return Of The Jedi" movie, this playset comes with a massive 1990 pieces to keep you busy for quite a few hours. It includes 17 figurine including favourites like R2D2, C3PO, Han Solo, Chewbacca and 5 Ewoks. An Imperial Speeder bike is included and some of the most famous scenes from the movie can be recreated. It will be a nightmare to build but will provide your kids with endless hours of fun and adventure.

ewok village  

Star Wars Death Star Electronics Lab

This toy is designed to introduce your kids to the basics of electronics. It allows them to build real circuits to power their Death Star and switch on its sound effects and lights.  There are more than 20 experiments to complete using over 70 components as they try to make the space station fully operational before the Rebels attack. They are challenged to fix the Death Stars main laser, tractor beam, alarms and even Vader's breathing apparatus. You can even display the light-up Death Star onto their wall!


Guess Who- Star Wars Edition

A number of classic board games have been remade with a Star Wars theme and this is one of the best. Like the original game, you win by guessing the other player's character quicker than they can guess yours. All the main characters from Star Wars are featured so you could be Darth Vader while the other player is Chewbacca. You take turns to ask questions to try to whittle down the possible characters until only 1 remains and you win the game.

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Star Wars Remote Control Lightsaber Room Light

Now fans of Star Wars can build their own lightsaber and stick it on their wall as a night light. As the build their lightsaber kids will learn about electronics and how the lightsaber functions. The blade has built in sound effect and a handy remote control to allow kids or parents to switch the light off.  


lightsaber room light


Star Wars Science Death Star Planetarium

This Planetarium light toy allows kids to project the Star Wars galaxy on the wall and roof of their room. It also projects Earth's night sky and turns any dark room into a personal planetarium